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clothing & accessories

toys, snacks & preserves

toys, snacks & preserves

china & porcelain

china & porcelain

kitchen & bath

kitchen & bath

decor & scents

decor & scents

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scented candles2

gardening & bird watching

gardening & bird watching

In the Belnan Giftware Gallery ...

Spring blossoms...

    Summer sizzles...

        Autumn falls...

           & Winter shines!

  • flags, signs, clocks, frames & wall art

  • candles, tart burners, luminairs, nightlights

  • books on gardening, cooking, bird watching

  • ​bath products - soaps, bubble bath, skin balms & creams

  • garden tools, decorative pots, accessories, bird feeders

  • clothing & accessories - hats, mitts, sweaters, scarves, nighties, t-shirts & caps, jewelry, watches, wallets & purses

  • china & dishware - tea cups & pots, coffee mugs, figureines, candy dishes & serving trays

  • country-style kitchen linens like place mats, tea towels, pot holders, oven mitts & aprons

Click to jump down to Photo Galleries for our annual 'Friends & Family' Holiday Open House...

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then roll around to see details...

preserves fall 152
flags fall152
fall flags 152
fall12 teacups2
pumpkin and rooster162
pumpkin spice candles162
jack o lantern luminaires2
hween decor132
fall luminiares2
autumn luminaires152
fall12 hween decor2
rustic jack o lanterns2
candles and candy corn162
belnan giftware gallery 20122
seasonal flags2
snowman ceramics2
santas christmas trunk2
night lights2
feature christmas nighties2
more knitwear2
handmade oven mitts2
jewellry table2
christmas figurines112
christmas trays112
christmas coffee mugs2
christmas salt and pepper shakers2
snowman candles2
christmas luminaries2
christmas tart burners2
ty stuffed toys2
christmas crafts112

Seasonal Holidays are special in our Belnan Giftware Gallery...


Halloween                                                                                               Christmas


Kick off Christmas with our annual 'Friends & Family' Holiday Open House!

Since 2012, we've welcomed friends old and new to our seasonal gift ware showcase;

browse through the galleries below to enjoy the decorations, the food & the SHOPPING!

Weekly Specials - Thursday March 25th to Wednesday March 31st


Prime Rib Steak - $11.99 / lb

Easter Hams are available

Our Meat Case is starting to look a little more like summer

with the return of some kebabs and a new Greek Pork Pinwheel.


Cauliflower - $2.25 each

Nova Scotia Hot House Tomatoes - $1.49/lb

Cantaloupe - $1.99


A Great Selection of Soups, Sandwiches, Ready to eat Meals,

along with delicious ready to cook PIZZAS

Covid Guidelines

We are following Government mandated COVID-19 Regulations:
- Regular cleaning & sanitation will occur throughout the day.
- We ask that our customers respect the SOCIAL DISTANCING

of other customers & staff
- There are limitations on the number of customers in the market


We ask again that you respect the SAFETY of our Staff

and limit your browsing time as other customers will be waiting.

We are doing phone orders (Belnan Market 902 883-2698) (Meat Shop – 902 883-0483)

Please be as organized as possible with your list to avoid long phone conversations.

THANK-YOU for your continued support as we work through these challenging times. We appreciate the risk that our staff will be facing and again ask that you respect their safety and their efforts.

Our Elmsdale Farm Market and Garden Center will be fully open on Saturday - April 24th

Our Mount Uniacke Farm Market and Garden Center will be open on Saturday - May 1st


Belnan Farm Market & Garden Center,  902 883-2698,

Open Monday thru Saturday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

CLOSED ON SUNDAYS until April 25

Our Belnan Rocky Knoll Farm Meat Shop, 902 883-0483, 

Open Monday thru Saturday, 9:00am to 6:00pm

CLOSED ON SUNDAYS until April 25

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Farm Market & Garden Centre

1040 Highway 214, Belnan

Market - 902 883-2698 

Withrow's Meat Shop - 902 883-0483,

Open Mon to Sat. 9am to 6pm - CLOSED on SUNDAYS


Withrow's Farm & Garden Centre

206 Highway 1, Mt. Uniacke 902 - 866-1113

CLOSED for the Season -

Will re-open in May 1st, 2021