Rocky Knoll Farm Meat Shop


Rocky Knoll Farm

Meat Shop

1040 Highway 214, Belnan -
902 883-0483

9am to 6pm, Mon through Sat



You can also find our meats at:

  • "The Canteen" sandwich shop in downtown Dartmouth

  • Durty Nellys Pub in downtown Halifax 

  • Alderney Landing Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 8-1 at the Vessel Meats stall.

In the meat shop we carry:

  • Free range chickens & turkeys

  • Sausages, smoked bacon, lamb

  • ​Pork - chop, the roast, the full loin, or by the side

  • plus herb mixes for stuffing & rubs, dips & chowders

  • BBQ supplies and fixin's like condiments, sauces & bun

  • ​Cut & wrapped beef - sides, hind quarters, front quarters

  • Lean ground beef, hamburger patties, wieners, chicken legs

  • Steaks - prime rib, t-bone, sirloin, blade, round, cross rib,

      marinating, stew meat

We are distributors for these fine lines:


Scroll through the Photo Galleries below to see all the 

fixin's we offer for the best tasting meat...buns, spice

mixes & marinades, special cuts & roasts for special

occasions, and helpful staff with great advice!

Ask about our 

fresh dog food!

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Package Deals 2021

Retail Beef Chart

slicing mushrooms...
layering the ham
stuffing next...
mushrooms now...
you had me at bacon!
time to tie...
slicing time...
ready for sale

Making our pork pinwheels is a skilled and time-consuming process, click to see details...

'In this age of factory meats in all the warehouses & super markets our clients are grateful to receive real farm raised meats/poultry & produce. As owner of Catering Unlimited I strongly recommend Withrows Farm & Meat Market'  Susie McDonell, Catering Unlimited - see more Reviews... 

Have you tried our In-store Prepared Meats yet?  Ready to go, easy to cook and oh sooo delicious!  Perfect to build a meal around & a great way to get more fruit & veggies into your diet too.

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Colourful kebabs, on the barby or under the broiler - tender chunks of pork or chicken, marinated in-house with your choice of hot & spicy, honey garlic, slovacki or chipotle sauce.  Layered with slices of fresh red, orange, & yellow peppers, sweet red onions and topped with a grape tomato.  Meat AND salad on a stick!

True meat lovers will enjoy our brochettes, succulent marinated pork tenderloins from the famous Pork Shop in Tatamagouche, wrapped in thick slices of their tasty smoked bacon.  Skewered in groups of three, four or five on a stick, these tender, juicy brochettes are ready to go and cook up quick.

‘Yet another year has passed and our yearly barbecue at Waterford Suites in downtown Halifax was a great success!! One of the reason why we have so many compliments is that we serve the best. Our hamburg patties come from Withrows and we never compromise.’ 

David & Cathy Hayes, Resident Managers, Waterford Suites, Halifax - see more Reviews... 

Pork - it's just about everybody's favourite meat, and nobody wraps it up like Withrow's

Rocky Knoll Meat Shop.

(Oh yeah, there's even fruit & veggies in there too.)

Stuffed Pork Roast
Tender pork roast, layered with swiss cheese, Uncle Ben's Stuffing™, chunks of sweet apple and crisp mushroom, a centrepiece for a great meal!
Meat Pork Pinwheels
Our famous pork pinwheels, juicy tenderloin wrapped around slices of black forest ham & swiss cheese and ready for cooking. Could it get any better?
Mushroom Pork Pinwheels
For a little extra crunch them with black forest ham, swiss cheese, Uncle Ben's Stuffing™, thick slices of mouth watering bacon and your choice of tender sliced mushroooms...
Apple Pork Pinwheels
or chunks of sweet apple or pear.
Spinach Stuffed Pinwheels
Or maybe you're 'goin' green'? Then try our stuffed pinwheels with fresh garden spinach...
Broccoli Stuffed Pinwheel
or crunchy crisp broccoli
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Weekly Specials - Thursday June 10th to Wednesday June 16th


Striploin Steak - $13.99 / lb

Chicken Legs - $2.29 / lb

Lots of great items for the BBQ!

Kebabs, Pinwheels and stuffed Chicken breasts and thighs!

Check out our new MANGO and Lemon Chili Chicken kebabs, they are very delicious!


We have a great selection of Sandwiches, Salads,

Assorted Cold cuts and

several varieties of specialty cheeses!


Peaches-N-Cream Corn -

$3.99 / 1/2 Doz

Romaine Lettuce - $1.49

Local Asparagus - $4.99

5 lb Yukon Gold Potatoes - $2.99

Watch our Facebook next week for FRESH LOCAL Strawberries


Beet Greens, Asparagus, Swiss Card, RHUBARB, Spinach, Kale and Radish



Our Garden Centers are still fully stocked and new arriving all the time!

Got Bugs in your Plants? -

Come and see us for the solution!

Amazing Hanging Baskets starting at $20.00

Veggie Transplants, Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Composts, Mulches, Bird Feeders and so, so, so much more!

AND Yes!, We are scooping

 Ice Cream!

To meet COVID REGULATIONS we will be  limiting the number of customers in at one time          

   (We ask that you PLEASE NOT SHOP AS A FAMILY AS A FAMILY if possible)


 As an essential business we can remain open.

To reduce movement through-out the building we are temporarily imposing the following rules:


If you are purchasing meat – please pay in the MEAT SHOP

For Produce and Grocery items – please pay in the Farm Market

ALL GARDEN CENTER purchases can be paid in the



For Produce, Meat and Grocery items – please pay in the Farm Market

ALL GARDEN CENTER purchases can be paid in the


Ice Cream will be available at the walk-up window only and can be paid for at the window


CURBSIDE Pick-up is Available by Calling the Meat Shop at 902-883-0483

Belnan Farm Market and Garden Center – 902-883-2698

Mount Uniacke Farm marekt and Garden Center – 902-866-1113

Your orders can be combined with all areas of the market

If you are showing any signs or symptoms, please DO NOT Visit the store

We ask that you continue to respect ALL Regulations and all procedures that

we feel are necessary to Keep our Staff and Customers Safe

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Farm Market & Garden Centre

1040 Highway 214, Belnan

Market - 902 883-2698 

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Withrow's Meat Shop - 902 883-0483,

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Withrow's Farm & Garden Centre

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