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I’m grateful to Withrow’s Farm & Meat Market in Belnan. Bill, Brian, Sarah and all their staff are great. They strive to always please and it works.  Catering Unlimited purchases beef, lamb, chicken and pork from the Rocky Knoll Meat Shop and produce from the attached side.  Never have we or our clients been disappointed in the quality and service.  In this age of factory meats in all the warehouses and super markets our clients are grateful to receive real farm raised meats/poultry and produce. As owner of Catering Unlimited I strongly recommend Withrows Farm & Meat Market.  It’s worth going to and a beautiful drive in rural Nova Scotia.

Susie McDonell, Owner/Opoerator

Catering Unlimited

Yet another year has passed and our yearly barbecue at Waterford Suites in downtown Halifax was a great success!! One of the reason why we have so many compliments is that we serve the best. Our Hamburg patties come from Withrows and we never compromise. Quality, taste, texture and freshness all serve to receive many compliments and inquiries at our yearly get together. We highly reccomend Withow's Meat Market and Farm Market if you want a bit above average product, one you can rely on and trust year in and year out. We thank you again for your service, and making sure we are ready to go when we need you.

David & Cathy Hayes, Resident Managers,

Waterford Suites, Halifax

'Our clients and their guests love the beef, pork, lamb and chicken that Catering Unlimited serves. We always get rave reviews on their protein(s) of choice, especially the roast beef. Bill Withrow and his team are fantastic to work with and always provide excellent products and service. As owner of Catering Unlimited I don't worry about the quality of my ground beef and pork because I buy it from Withrow's Farm Market - freshly ground by them and not imported in plastic tubes. And, I love the new products they are selling - all meat kebabs - stuffed meat rolls and other specialty products. Right next door to the meat shop is the produce market & garden centre. Brian Withrow does a wonderful job there - there's even an ice cream stand and deli counter.  We are very lucky to have such an amazing market is our area!'

Susie McDonell, Owner/Operator

Catering Unlimited, Halifax

'You can count on Bill Withrow and his team at the Rocky Knoll Meat Shop to delight your family and friends. No request too small and great attention to detail helps set them apart from the rest of the pack. It’s awesome to know that fresh brisket is just around the corner.  Whether I’m cooking for my family or in a BBQ competition I have exactly what I need and know where to go for more of it!

Rob MacCormick, Fall River, NS Maritime BBQ Competition Coordinator

Dutch Mason Blues Festival

'Four years ago we were given the task of finding a quality supplier for our Hamburg patties and hot dogs for our apartment building Barbecue in downtown Halifax.


After a diligent search we were urged to drive to Belnan to try a farm market there.  It was a longer drive for sure but very soon we found the extra mileage was well worth it!


We were so pleased with the quality and service we received there, we have returned for the fourth year in a row. Each Barbecue we receive many compliments and inquiries from our tenants as to where we buy our meat product.  We can't say enough about the quality, service, and reasonable prices we receive at the Market. I have to add it is well worth your time and the drive to visit this outstanding business and try their meats. You'll be very glad you did.'


David & Cathy Hayes, Resident Managers

Waterford Suites, Halifax

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Just was at the location in Mount Uniacke. I bought my lunch and all the trimmings for my turkey dinner this weekend. The girls were so helpful and pleasant! I will be back again and again!!

Kelly Hatcher

October 2, 2017

The rib eye steak and chicken kebabs were mouth watering. Produce selection was great, and my daughter loved the ice cream and decor :) great customer services also.

Genevieve MW Browlow

June 5, 2017

Thank you for having such a beautiful selection of flowers. I went there this morning and got exactly what I wanted and more! Thanks for all the hard work you do and the great customer service.

Laura Lee Roberts

May 20, 2017

Bought fresh produce, and kabobs for supper tonight. Absolutely delish!

Jessica Daley-Wambolt

July 7, 2017

Donair burgers are perfect I highly recommend them!!!

Tammy Tarbox

April 22, 2017

They have the best salt beef or some people call it corned beef. they make it there, bone in or eye of round. awesome

Debbie Kettle

April 5, 2017

I buy all my meat from Withrow's. Beef, Chicken, and pork. I love the gourmet selections as well. I have been shopping here for the past 5 years. Amazing customer service. Thank you for explaining how to best get what I want from sides of meat.

Shawna Pratt

April 1, 2017

Just want to thank you guys for all your hard work. There are a lot of farm markets in Nova Scotia but Withrows has the best selection of local and imported produce. Rather than a few apples and potatoes at Withrows you can get 20 kinds of local apples and 10 varieties of local potatoes (gourmet chef's dream). If your looking for something they don't carry they will often source it for you. Beautiful garden centers and mouthwatering meat shop. So much merchandise and variety. Helpful knowledgeable staff and I could go on and on. As a Landscape business owner (we find) they are always well stocked in the garden center and we buy there when ever we can.

Charles Harvey

February 10, 2017

Picked up two delicious prime rib steaks...BBQ'D in the snow and the steaks did NOT disappoint

Lori Baxter-Ross

January 8, 2017

Love going there for the meat shop, the marinated steaks are awesome and they will do them up if you call ahead :) in the summer the fresh fruit and vegetables are so good.

Christine Marsh

January 1, 2017

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As a result of COVID-19 – the following procedures will be in place:

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We will be following Government mandated COVID-19 Regulations:
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- We ask that our customers respect the SOCIAL DISTANCING

of other customers and staff
- There will be Limitations on the number of customers in the market


We ask again that you respect the SAFETY of our Staff

and limit your browsing time as other customers will be waiting.

We will be doing phone orders (902 883-2698) (Meat Shop – 902 883-0483)

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Please be as organized as possible with your list to avoid long phone conversations.

Bear with us, this is new to us and we will do our

very best to accommodate your orders.

THANK-YOU for your continued support as we work through these challenging times. We appreciate the risk that our staff will be facing and again ask that you respect their safety and their efforts.

Weekly Update - and Specials for September 24th to September 30th


Strip Loin Steaks - $12.49 / lb

Smoked Pork Chops - $8.99 / lb




Produce Deals of the Week

Romaine Lettuce - $1.79

10 lb Gravensteins - $7.95

Valley Pears - $2.99 / 3 lt Basket

Field Tomatoes - $2.49 / lb


NEW from NOVA SCOTIA Gardens

Honey Crisp Apples, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Cranberries,

5 Varieties of Squash, Cox's orange apples, 5lb Frozen Blueberries


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